Governance , Legal & Professional.

Some examples of work we have done.

Probation, solicitors and professional.

As early entrants to the PC networking market we were able to pick up substantial contracts from the outset. This helped us to acquire the skills, both business and technical, required to support these clients. Needs continue to evolve from document processing to modern secure private networks.



This started as a simple supply of Epson PC computers to the head office of the Greater Manchester Probation service linking them to an IBM mini computer, eventually we supplied over 800 computers at more than 40 sites for Manchester and Yorkshire probation services. We have seen them through the transition to ICL then Novell and eventually Windows and Citrix based systems. Software developed locally used on these systems was eventually the basis of a national solution.



Clients include specialist and general legal teams. Initially we were concerned with document production but more recently to the Internet and access to on line services. We have also developed skills for scanning and archiving of paper documents as searchable PDF's .

More Projects.