The expanding maker space.

Technology support for Manufacturing Companies

Previous experience working in a manufacturing environment in the Potteries, provided empathy for the manufacturing industries. As time passes we spend more time working on supporting makers and manufacturing projects .


It was fortuitous that our first major client was a Canadian networking company, before the Internet and Cisco became the common networking route. Gandalf Digital Communications were the main player for inter computer communications. The name Gandalf was so well known that in Russia a modem was often called a Gandalf.

Gandalf set up their UK manufacturing plant in Warrington and we provided PCs and portable computers for admin sales and support teams, we utilised their own technologies to network the machines locally and through satellite communications to worldwide offices. This was inter networking before the Internet.


One of Silicon Graphics senior designers, after a period at Apple decided to go it alone, we saw his work The Cobalt Cube a very clever integration of Linux as a file, web and mail server. We bought some and started to sell them in Europe. By the time he came to visit us we had sold over 120 units then we went on to organise that Microsoft's biggest delivery service partner distributed the product. This became the largest outlet for Cobalt world wide sales. Eventually Cobalt was sold for $6bn,  we did our bit to support this manufacturer.


Accounting is a major part of the process manufacturing companies bringing together many components from multiple suppliers and managing inventory. We have supplied and supported many different accounting systems. In this case a Toy Company in Blackpool needed to upgrade its old Accounts system to a more up to date system. They survived by making larger toys which were expensive to ship from overseas.


Computer Aided Design has become an essential tool for makers. From Sketchup to more advanced systems such as AutoCAD or Solidworks we provide hardware and work out the best licensing scheme. In this case a company in Yorkshire which manufactured bus's needed to update its CAD systems. We provided multi core systems with accelerated graphics and ported their existing programs.


Retail printer ink, can be very expensive, this would be a problem for large format printer users if two UK companies did not make and supply bulk ink as compatible products. We supplied a complete system including routers and network structure for virtualised servers supporting mail and file services and linking in to their research lab. Allowing a number of large format printers to be tested with their products.


For the UK's largest privately owned security company which monitors more than 10000 alarm systems and manufactured many of the components used, we designed and installed a private network linking the 14 branch offices. We assisted with their move to server virtulaisation to allow their monitoring centre to support IP signaling and cameras.


Fablabs allow users to access advanced manufacturing equipment, 3d printers CNC and laser cutting, for the cost of materials. Our regular participation with Fablabs  as users and supporting other users, provides a clear route for the new Internet led maker movement to develop prototypes and form new companies.

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