Some examples of work we have done.


As we were an early entrant into the computer and networking market we were able to pick up international clients  from the outset. Though the examples given here are of overseas clients the bulk of our international work results from the growth of UK based clients, we support linking to their international offices. We  often help them to organise local support.



Our first major client had offices all over the world, this was before the Internet, as they were the world leaders in networking and we learn from them the basics of network integration we set up the function keys on the IBM PC keyboard so that each key connected to a different office worldwide and we set up email.

We provided Compaq PCs and servers to an international soap manufacturer as part of a delivery contract.

Most of our international corporate work is the result of UK companies expanding abroad, this involves Internet security, mail and hybrid cloud technologies.



We provided the Internet to two African countries. The first was the Gambia where the countries supermarket owner wanted to provide hosting and dial up web services. We provided servers pre-installed with a hosting environment and multiple modem units to allow dial up connections. We delivered and installed in the Gambia at which point the only other Internet provider in the country had their equipment destroyed by lightning. This was good as they helped us integrate with the French telecoms system in return we lent them our backup systems.

Somalia was more difficult, the requirement was to provide three networks to cover the three largest cities in the country. Our solution was to distribute satellite Internet across the cities using a proprietary frequency hopping network originally devised by Marconi. This was not interfered with by standard Wifi.

We trained the staff in the UK and assisted them with their web site.



We set up  an ISDN connection to manage a UK business from the channel islands. The client got the local fishermen to teach him seamanship and purchased a small ship previously owned by a famous test pilot. We fitted two PCs and integrated radar and GPS to overlay the admiralty charts, at the time this was unique on small craft. They set off on a long term tour of the Med and Black sea living on board. We gave support when the berthed at a number of locations.

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