Some examples of work we have done.

Web Print TV and advertising

We have a wide experience of satisfying the needs of this sector, as it transitioned from paper to digital formats. Here are a few examples.


Multivision happened to be across the road from our offices in Salford, they did high definition multi media presentations by linking 30 or more projectors with a simple microprocessor to control scripted slide shows with sound. These were used by exhibitions and museums through the country. Multi media before the PC could really handle it. This was our first customer we provided Apricot computers and networked them to a shared data store.



Our friends at Unified Technology in Manchester had produced a quality publishing system with a markup language not too different to HTML used in the web. In helping them to sell this to drive typesetting devices we were introduced to the pre press market and were able to bid for larger projects. We networked the 50 administration and reporting staff with page layout systems for the production of local papers, in three linked offices for a regional newspaper group.


One dot matrix printer sale led to us supplying networks of PCs to all the major media buying companies north of Birmingham, this includes Scotland. The specialist requirement was to be able to link to a mainframe computer in London through which all national newspaper and TV ads were booked. One of these companies was destroyed in the Manchester bomb we had their 40 staff up and going within six days at a new site. This company is now the world leader in media buying.


The maker of the original virtual reality gaming headsets, decided to set up an on line gaming and entertainment portal. We equipped their offices in Leicestershire with large screen powerful systems for their developers.


The music television brand wanted to branch out into distribution of ring tones and games through a card subscription model. The design for this required eight powerful servers with a load balancing front end. We supplied all this equipment and worked with the IVR equipment supplier to allow for product distribution.

Previous to this the national broadcaster bought some of its first web servers from us.

Currently we are developing a portable HD studio system using low cost cameras.

More Projects.